Banda island diving holidays

Amazing Diving Adventures in the Banda’s Spice Islands

When you think of visiting sailing and diving holiday destinations around the world, you cannot possibly draft your list without Indonesia’s Banda Islands coming to mind. Its one of the places I have visited a few times and can highly recommend the amazing experiences I have had sailing around the Spice Islands in Indonesia.

During the colonial times, Banda Islands were the most sought after islands particularly by Marco Polo and Columbus, explorers who had desired to colonize the islands. History is keen on telling the violent past of colonial rule that was highly facilitated by interest in the Islands’ cloves and nutmeg. Continue reading “Amazing Diving Adventures in the Banda’s Spice Islands”

dui canada entry

Sailing into Canada – How your DUI history can catch up with you

If you are looking forward to your vacation, it is high time that you started to plan an extravagant trip. How can you make your trip exciting? Would you be interested in visiting common tour spots because your tour guide tells you so, or would you rather do something that you love doing but is a bit different?

If like us, you thrive on sailing, then this would be the ultimate vacation trip for you. You can think of going sailing for a long period, and spend a relaxing time with your family and friends. Continue reading “Sailing into Canada – How your DUI history can catch up with you”

River Thames - Best Holiday Destination for Boat Owners

5 Best Holiday Destinations for Boat Owners and Buyers

If you are not a sea sick person then boating is the most exciting and the best way to travel the most beautiful places on earth. Enjoy the blue waters, the greenery and the royalty of Europe through recreational boating.

Here are some of the beautiful destinations of Europe where imagination of the boaters meets the reality. Continue reading “5 Best Holiday Destinations for Boat Owners and Buyers”