About Us


Hello, my name is Beth. I’ve been into boats and yacht ever since I was young. My parents were sailors and thus I practically grew up on boats. I love to sail across different continents and experience different cultures.

I don’t really just sit back and relax but I actually like to work or get a job on a yacht in the mean time. It’s a different experience when you work on a boat or a big yacht.

This blog is all about my experiences. I hope you find them useful as I love helping people out with the lighthouse. In my blogs I tell my readers about how to look for a suitable job on a yacht and other experiences as well. Sailing is quite fun when you actually get the hang of it. You get to meet new people and make some really good friends. In fact I also mention on my blog every time I meet new and interesting people and all the other fun experiences I have.

Hope you find the lighthouse and our friendly community useful and that you actually learn from us. Check out the blog, I mention a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to sailing and yachts.

If you love to sail or cruise, read on……