Banda island diving holidays

Amazing Diving Adventures in the Banda’s Spice Islands

When you think of visiting sailing and diving holiday destinations around the world, you cannot possibly draft your list without Indonesia’s Banda Islands coming to mind. Its one of the places I have visited a few times and can highly recommend the amazing experiences I have had sailing around the Spice Islands in Indonesia.

During the colonial times, Banda Islands were the most sought after islands particularly by Marco Polo and Columbus, explorers who had desired to colonize the islands. History is keen on telling the violent past of colonial rule that was highly facilitated by interest in the Islands’ cloves and nutmeg.

livaboard diving in banda islands

Today, the islands around tropical Banda islands are coveted largely because of the spectacular diving, including liveaboard diving, and snorkeling activities, holiday makers can enjoy. On top of that, the area is beautifully endowed with reefs, unspoiled corals as well as large pelagic fish.

What Makes Banda’s Spice Islands Perfect for Diving Holidays?

Banda islands have had a long fascinating history first being the most expensive real estate in the world, the spices and foreign traders and the wars and earthquakes that have rocked the region. Apart from that, Banda has plenty of climbable volcanic mountains with lush vegetations that can be fun exploring. And with the remnants of colonial times in Banda Neira, it’s definite you’ll enjoy the taste of the historic atmosphere.

At Banda Islands, the diving adventure is unstoppable. From the steep drop offs to the impressive hard coral all through to the fast currents, this area is absolutely breathtaking. The Banda Sea, where Spice Islands are found, is surrounded by large islands of Ambon, Buru, and Halmahera to the North, Aru, Kei towards East and Wetar, Tanimbar and Reong in the South. In these islands you will enjoy seeing a school of sea fish like large tuna, Napoleon wrasse, turtles, rays, groupers, sharks, lobsters and plenty of other seas creatures. So if you’re planning your next liveaboard vacation, this is definitely the place to be.

Things to Do in Banda’s Spice Islands

At Banda Neira, you can visit the bustling local market to enjoy the aromas, colors and characters that you can ever imagine. Exploring the many ruins in the islands with colonial Dutch architecture is also another adventure that will allow you to enjoy an air of faded grandeur.

The Banda Bezar rigged mountainous interiors are perfect for those who love adventure into the green and the white sandy beaches for visitors who love laying in the sun. For those would want to indulge in shallow and deep sea diving, then you can find more information at before visiting the adorable Spice Islands. And if you’re not content lazing in the sun, then you can your time to visit the interesting museums around. But your trip cannot be complete without taking the Ambon liveaboard cruises across the beautiful islands.

Some of the major activities to engage in while in Banda Islands include:

Wall diving and liveaboard diving

  • Excellent and attractive hard coral
  • Spectacular island backdrops with plenty of volcanoes
  • Exploring the marine life
  • Taking sunset strolls in the beautiful uninhabited beaches
  • Taking time to enjoy the rich history of the islands

An Unforgettable Diving Holiday in Indonesia

Banda Island diving holidays

I have been to diving holidays not once or twice but plenty of times and one of the best liveaboard holidays in Indonesia was on Calico Jack.

With a well planned itinerary Calico made me explore the mysterious and legendary Banda Islands cruising through the Sorong to Mosool Reefs and secret lagoons all the way to Palau Koon where I watched many seas fish.

Calico Jack’s tour cannot be complete without diving. After diving into the crystal clear waters of Gunung Api, I was able to see the plenty of nesting seabirds, Banded kraits (non-aggressive sea snakes), and green turtles and flash light fish. The tour is typically complete with a diving, surfing and leisure cruising activities where you can explore the richness of the Islands of your choice.

With their classical and perfectly designed vessels, enjoying liveaboard luxury adventures was easy as we sailed through the epic scenery, secluded bays and the white sandy beaches. Most ships’ itinerary cut across the regions of Banda Sea, Banda Islands and Ambon so you can see more comprehensive information on Banda Spice Islands diving tours.

How to Access the Banda Islands

The Spice Islands of Banda are the most visited and coveted by liveaboard adventurers and the area can be accessed through several points depending on the kind of boat you’re cruising in or its itinerary. While some visits to the region begin at Raja Ampat and Alor and Flores, the most common access point to the islands is from Ambon.

Some of the major Banda dive islands that you can find amazing include Pulau Ai, Batu Belinda, Batu Wali, Palau Hatta-Karang Hatta, Karnobol, Palau Keraka and Pohon Miring. When you’re on tour to Indonesia, it’s important to know how to get around and the best itineraries to go for.

Indonesian Climate

The dry season in Banda begins in May and ends in November with the rainy season starting in December to April with January and February being high in rainfall. The air temperatures are between 27 and 32C and water temperature being approximately between 27 and 30C.

The best times to dive is between October and December and March and April. The Island’s climate is largely determined by the Monsoon winds with the North of the region being more predictable than the South. If you’re planning to visit Spice Islands of Banda, then you can enjoy refreshing breezes in the island during these seasons.

Is The Diving Experience In Banda Islands Expensive?

If you’re planning to travel to Indonesia there, are a lot of cheap diving packages that are available in Indonesian managed Divers at the coast of Banda. With many resorts situated close to dive sites, you can never miss to find amazing staff and cruise ships and yachts to take you around your favorite diving destinations. It might cost a few dollars to move around as you enjoy liveaboard diving but the experience you’ll get will last a lifetime.

In essence, a visit to Banda’s Spice Islands is worth every penny. So get you backpack ready and book your flight to the world’s richest sea marine Islands for a more fulfilling diving holiday. Visit for you to view schedule and rates and book your ticket to enjoy diving in Banda Islands.