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How to get a job on a yacht or sailing boat

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Hello, my name is Beth. I’ve been into boats and yacht ever since I was young. My parents were sailors and thus I practically grew up on boats. I love to sail across different continents and experience different cultures.

I don’t really just sit back and relax but I actually like to work or get a job on a yacht in the mean time. It’s a different experience when you work on a boat or a big yacht.

This blog is all about my experiences. I hope you find them useful as I love helping people out. In my blogs I tell my readers about how to look for a suitable job on a yacht and other experiences as well. Sailing is quite fun when you actually get the hang of it. You get to meet new people and make some really good friends. In fact I also mention on my blog every time I meet new and interesting people and all the other fun experiences I have.

Hope you find my blogs useful and that you actually learn from them. I mention a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to sailing and yachts.

If you love to sail or cruise, read on……



How to get a job on a yacht

You will find most people complaining about getting a job on a yacht or a boat. First of all, this job is really not for those who do not want to stay away from home or land for long. As understood, a job on a yacht means you will be on water for months to come not just a few days. Therefore, if you feel trapped and suffocated being on water or on a boat you shouldn’t try to find a job on a yacht.yacht jobs

However, if you want day jobs, those are always available furthermore, day jobs at boats and yachts are easy to find yourself and hardly require you to go through agencies. All you need to do is wake up early and pay a visit to the docks and come where all the boats are and make contact with captains and other crew members. You need to be dressed smartly, carry a lot of CVs.

Where to look for a job on a yacht

If you are looking for a job for a longer period of time, you need to know that many yachts are converted into hotels. Therefore, they require good chefs or cooks, hosts and hostesses, deckhands and crew members. The same holds true for cruises that require a lot of people for jobs such as waiters and waitresses, cooks, cleaning staff, deck hands, entertainers, ship crew and many other such jobs depending on how large the cruise ship is. Although the pay is a bit low but the tip you receive from customers or those present on board is quite high.

If you happen to be looking for a job such as the ones mentioned above, you can apply via different crew networks through the internet. Just search for a crew network situated close to you. you will need to fill out all the necessary details and also your CV. While this is a good way of getting a job, I would say it is best for those that have many years of experience. For example engineers for the yacht and other people who have worked on boats. Therefore, if you have no experience, it is very likely you wont be contacted.

Meeting people in the industry

I would suggest looking for meeting captains and those who are hiring in person. In most cases If you want to work as a member of the crew, the captain likes to hire people who are easy to work with and also easy to get along.

There are actually a wide variety of jobs that can be found on a yacht. It doesn’t matter whatever background of schooling you have managed to get. For example, if you’ve studied business, there are some financers needed on yachts that help control the yachts finances. Furthermore, if you’ve studied engineering, there are usually 2-3 engineers on board. Moreover, you also have electricians, to ensure all the electrical fittings are working perfectly.

Growth in the yacht industry

With yachts getting more luxurious, there are many more people that are hired according to various qualifications for example; you have life guards, barbers, beauticians, bartenders, masseurs, fashion assistants and many more.

Working on a yacht or even a small boat can be a lot of fun if you are into sailing or cruising on water. Although, it’s hard to find jobs, but once you get one I am sure it will be fulfilling. Working on a boat or yacht or even a big cruise ship is a completely different experience. It’s not at all like working on land. Although, if you are a cook, waiter or waitress, than it might not be that different for you although, you will not see land for days, weeks or even months. And that’s the fun part at least for me.

Boat Work trials

If you’re new to all this, I suggest you begin with day work on a boat and see how that goes and then begin by taking a job for a few days. if you’re okay you can then consider to work for months. Hope you don’t get sea sick!